Saturday, April 21, 2012

Introduction To Concept - Students Doing Work

I believe this lesson typifies how my classroom instruction has changed in the last year.  Our scope and sequence called for an introduction to parabolas.  If an iPad with searchability features and creation apps didn't exist, our students would have been stuck with their textbook and me for information about this topic.

Instead, multiple tools were used to obtain detailed questions on parabolas.  This provided students a great opportunity to become self directed learners, questioners, and creators all in a 45 minute class period.

My role revolved around questioning students so that they discovered the answer on their own, they discovered what tech tool would be the best to use to find the information, and they decided how they wanted to create a product that proved they knew the information.

The multiple videos are below in sequential order.

Graphing Calculator App

Pic Collage and Whiteboard App

Dictionary App (with audio) & Searching for features of parabola

What student knows...

Picture of vertex after search

Notes and Skitch App

Phoster App

Photo Mess Whiteboard


Summarizing through blogging and labeling
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