Thursday, April 5, 2012

Explain Everything For One Form of Assessment

Students created an Explain Everything production based on the mathematical terms from our recent unit of study.  Having the Explain Everything app in the students hands again worked wonderfully.  As we have used it in Social Studies quite extensively, the learning curve for the tech tool was zero!  This allowed for the students to dive right into creating.

I am amazed at how engaged the students are while performing this task.  I asked numerous students whether they liked this or if they felt it was a waste of their time.  All of them said they liked it.

I did assess them on their knowledge of the information.  This will be included with their written assessment as a final evaluation of their knowledge from Chapter 7.

After students complete the creation, they will be emailing me the production.

As the video states, I will either need to open these email files with a Mac or use a video converter as the files do not have sound on a PC.

After the students emailed me their movie, I downloaded all of the productions.  With YouTube's uploading ability of more than one video in a single click, the whole process did not take long.
Student videos are included...

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