Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Post As Assessment

I have recently been focused on students writing more complete blog posts.  Our second installment of this took place today.  See what the students saw, and view the action.

What this does for understanding:
  • Students must provide individual voice
  • Students must explain what they have discovered
  • Students review the process
  • Students must formulate the "whys" to the math concept
Why I like blogging:
  • Easy using blogger app
  • Allows for media to be added to the blog post
  • iPad camera certainly provides an "open window" to multimedia
  • the blogging "time stamp" creates a natural deadline.  I think students need to become aware of deadlines and how to adjust to them.  Almost all business and college settings require a task that needs to be completed by a certain time.
iPads (or any digital device) really do allow us formulate our discoveries in to our own language.  I encourage all teachers to take moments to reflect on topics that are being discovered in your classrooms.

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