Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Student-Led Conferences: Parents & Students Engaged!

Day 1 of Student-Led Conferences is in the books

This was probably the best student-led conferences that I have experienced.


The parents and students were engaged because the students really knew how to maneuver the iPad to demonstrate all of the work that they completed.  I could sense that students were taking pride in showing their online professional portfolio, creations, and tweets.  I am also thrilled that the professional blogs are a year-to-date body of work.  We didn't just show them tests as was in the past, but all the learning experiences that have occurred along the journey. Students had an agenda that they were to follow and parents totally wanted to hear all about it.  Some parents and students were present for over a half hour!

My favorite video was when a parent asked, "Can I come back to school?"

 See some other reactions below.
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