Thursday, January 26, 2012

Collaborative Groups, Team Tests, & Google Forms,

Today we completed our team test which is an activity that allows students to work through math problems that resemble questions they will see on their individual test.  We changed it slightly today to incorporate the "Let the Internet Grade Your Assessment"  See how it works:


  • Students really discuss questions, processes, and answers
  • The Google form and corresponding spreadsheet provides valuable data to direct teaching and learning prior to moving on.
  • Allowed me to really focus on the concepts that students needed reteaching prior to moving on
  • I tried to create the Google form with more fill in the blank and less multiple choice answers.  This was a HUGE negative.  Even with specific directions on each question, students did not follow them.  
  • Once answers are inputted incorrectly, it is very challenging to change them on the form (I haven't found an easy way)
  • Today, it required me to correct them the old fashion way.  Not the time saver that has happened in the past
Final Thoughts:
  • Concept Good
  • Must get students to understand importance of following directions
  • Will try again!
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