Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Team Building Activity

We have really worked on being a productive citizen in our classroom society.  Which at times, means we need to go slow, to learn fast.  We took about 35 minutes to conduct another team building activity.

See the idea below.

We then completed a writing prompt found here.  Students were able to TWEET or BLOG as a response.

12 students tweeted

12 students left comments on our classroom blog 

23 students created their own blog post.


✔All video below was shot with an iPad

✔The ability to return to the classroom to reflect via everyone on a digital device with the opportunity to respond was beneficial.


✔Would like to have students conduct the filming and production of video.

✔Would like to have students develop the writing prompt.

✔Would like to have students interview other students on the experience

In due time, students will have their own YouTube account which will facilitate turning the negatives into positives.

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