Thursday, November 3, 2011

iOS 5 - Picture Upgrades - More Efficient Classroom

In the old days, I would spend a great deal of time and energy standing at the board and showing how all problems in math were to be completed.  One would think this would be effective, but it really wasn't.

Fast forward to the use of iPads and a classroom blog and a new way to discuss the problem has emerged.

Take a picture of students' work and quickly email it to our blog.  Show the pictures of students' steps to complete the problem and ask if people agree?  If not, they will ultimately explain what parts of the problem they do not like and the discussion begins.

Students have expressed multiple times that they like this process and all too often students will volunteer their work for discussion.

In the past, I have used the Genius Scan app as it allowed for cropping and fixing of the picture.  Unfortunately, it is not a native iPad app.  It is  iPod first.

Two days ago, I upgraded to iOS 5 and noticed the editing features when a photo was viewed. The edit button reveals the options on the bottom of this picture.


It truly helps in eliminating excess paper or board space that might be associated with students' work.
Photo that was not edited - there is a ton of white space that should be eliminated!
Photo that has been edited!

BIG WIN for efficiency in the classroom!

I encourage you to try this practice.  Set up your classroom blog to receive mobile posts.  Use an iDevice to take the picture and whisk the picture off to your blog for discussion!
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