Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scatter Plot

With the help of Dan Meyer and his continued out of the box thinking, our scatter plot went from our textbook to something that the students were totally engaged in.  While I didn't use the "How I Met Your Mother" episode because of the content, I did use ten different types of songs and their respected videos.  Thirty minutes were spent gathering data and placing it into tables for organization. Twenty minutes were spent creating four scatter plots.

Our next step was to create scatter plots based on the data.  We chose four comparisons.
1.  Whole Class Comparing Staying Alive music and length of song.
2.  Time vs. Music
3. Video vs. Music
4.  Music vs. Video

**Music and Video were ranked according to a student's likeness.
1 = wouldn't buy the song
2 = would download it and share it with my friends

Our class graph for Staying Alive is below.

Overall, the hook was the videos...students left the class totally wondering why we were watching videos and what we were going to do with them.  In addition, students were able to relate the data collected with analysis and predictions of how long people wanted to listen or watch a video.


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