Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Posterous vs. Tumblr

One of the items on the to-do list was to determine how I may have students post to either their blog or to a classroom blog. Because I am using iPad2 mobile devices, I am focusing on two services. The two mentioned in the title. The reason I need to use something other than Google's Blogger for students rests solely on the fact that a third party Blogger app costs $2.99 for the iPad and the web based version of Blogger in Safari does not allow for digital uploads such as video and photos from the gallery on the iPad. Since iPad2s are the only way students will be publishing creations from the iPad a decision must be made.

Through Wesley Fryer's gracious response and guidance on Twitter more specifically a video mark at the mark of 5:40, I have decided to go with Posterous. Tumblr may offer the same services, however, my familiarity with Posterous from the 10-11 school year and the fact that ideas can be posted via email (the video explains the moderation process) or through the FREE app has led me to finalize my decision.

Now, I must simply debate whether to have students complete individual blogs or a community classroom blog for responses. If I do have students complete individual blogs, I will be placing the RSS feed into folders in my Google Reader. This will help organize the updated posts from students for easier evaluation.

At this point, I will be having a classroom website using Blogger as my hub for providing ALL information and resources for students. From there, the students will use my classroom website or their professional Posterous blogs for response and turning in of information.
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