Thursday, August 4, 2011

Groups Discussion on Tech Device Care

Items our seven model classroom teachers agreed upon. These items will be discussed in some digital format with our students in the first few days.

Management tips:
  • assign each student a device for use every day

Expectations for care of devices (to discuss with students):
  • we are fortunate to have these devices!!!! Treat them properly or we won’t have them
  • model good use with broken devices
  • keyboards: cost $100 to replace a keyboard on a computer; demonstrate a keyboard with spilled soda in it (sticky) and crumbs between keys; easy to pop off keys
  • iPads cost $500
  • putting them away and the importance of ensuring they are charging-- frustrating when you get one and it is not charged
  • no eating or drinking around computers: crumbs and liquids get in between keys
  • hard shut down is bad for computers (just holding down the power button instead of going through Start- shut down)
  • Explain sleep mode and how to wake up devices
  • carrying computers- 2 hands; release word (elem), always closed

Care of Device: Great Video

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