Monday, April 11, 2011

Video and Backchanneling

Playing a video is always a risky endeavor.  Will the students pay attention; will they find it interesting?  

The answer to these questions is YES, when using backchanneling.  

In my future, the backchanneling of videos using Today's Meet will be more productive iPad 2's.   
I have developed a way to use Google Chrome's Incognito Window to show two screens (video and conversation) at the same time. (See video below)  I also used as the method of showing the video.  It is my hope that next year, I will be able to individualize the viewing of video clips using iTunes podcasts or options of videos that I create and upload so that students can have a conversations such as this...

Student #1, "In my video, this is stated..."
Student #2, "In my video, this is explained..."

Obviously, this is in the infancy of being efficient using an iPad 2, but my planning continues...

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