Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Using Safari Efficiently on the iPad

Today's Lunch N' Learn is all about using Safari with all of its amazing built in features to efficiently and effectively complete research and reading on the iPad.  It is my hope to instruct teachers who will in turn share these great features with their students.

  • Slide 3: Sharrow
  • Slide 7: "Add to Reading List" explained
  • Slide 10: "Favorites" defined
  • Slide 13: "Bookmarks" understanding them
  • Slide 16: "Add to Home Screen" quickly make link an "app"
  • Slide 18: "Find on Page" this is awesome!
  • Slide 21: "Request Desktop Site" why this would be helpful

Thanks to @tonyvincent for inspiring further investigation based on his creation on slide 18.  For further iPad efficiency, learn about these symbols.

*Integration Coaches: I created the presentation on my Mac in Keynote.  I used AirDrop to send it to my iPad which is what I will use for presenting.  I exported the Keynote from my Mac as a PowerPoint which in turn was uploaded to Google Drive for sharing!   
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