Friday, January 22, 2016

PLN Under 2000

Everyone knows the famous people in the educational Twitterverse!  Those voices that have ten-thousand, twenty-thousand, even fifty-thousand followers.  However, there are plenty of educators on Twitter that have less than 2,000 followers that have amazing insight into educational practices.

This reminds me so much of our classrooms.  There are always one, two, or possibly three students that speak all the time.  They may or may not have good insight, but they definitely take most of the energy from the room.  Leaders are needed, but their are many quiet voices in the room (and on Twitter) that have loud thoughts that can change the world.

I encourage you to find a few teachers and educational voices on Twitter that may not have thousands of followers and see what they have to say.  They may just inspire you to create the next great thing!

May I introduce you to @RMWynkoop@JulietDPark, and @mh_coach.

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