Friday, January 8, 2016

5:13 AM Tech Integrator - Why I Arrive At School Early

Last night, I learned a valuable lesson from Mark Cuban on "Beyond the Tank". First and foremost, Mark is very smart.  If I EVER had the chance to pitch a product on "Shark Tank" and Mark Cuban offered me a deal, it would take a Google Search (less than 0.23431 seconds) for me to accept his offer.

I would love to work with him.

Mark was helping the creator of "Simple Sugars" and talked about listicles.
Please watch the direct conversation. (Not viewable on iPad)

I immediately thought about how I could help people to understand the life of a Technology Integrator.  I also thought about how many parents ONLY know educators through grades their  son/daughter earns in respectable classes and what their students verbally bring home after a long day at school.  As a parent of teenagers, I know that many important pieces of information can get "lost in translation".

Listicles can give an insight into the items that make people real.  Real people are viewed as people. Real people make relationships and relationships are the key to everything.  Building a relationship with people can break down barriers that can cause differences. Putting all people respectfully on the same page. 

With that, my first listicle.
My reason for coming to school early!

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