Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Game of Chromes

While perusing my Instagram feed, I came across this picture from Adam Bellow.

I had not heard of Game of Phones, but immediately thought, "How can I create this with Game of Chromes?" in an educational setting.

If you are not aware of Game of Phones, it is EXTREMELY easy to play.  Game of Phones is a Kickstarter project by two design students in New York City.  It's simple! Use your smartphone or iPad/Tablet to acquire ten cards as fast as possible.  Consider purchasing your own deck!

As far as implementing it into a classroom, a set of cards were made using a two column table in a Google Document with Arial Font 18.

Students (as many as can fit in a comfortable circle) need to have a device with Chrome (or Safari or IE) so that game players can find the necessary items on the card.  The directions from Game of Phones fits perfectly for Game of Chromes.  In an educational setting, the educator may not create 100 cards.  As an example, I created only 20.

I do not own these directions and give all the credit to Game of Phones creators.

From one of our World History teachers, Mrs. Schartner, I acquired the information from an upcoming unit, The French Revolution.  I created interesting cards for the first Game of Chromes.

To introduce the concept, I will be playing some questions from "Game of Phones" with our staff at Lunch N' Learn tomorrow.  Join us and bring your Smartphone!  Don't have one, join us any way!  You'll be glad you did!

HOW TO PLAY: Game of Phones (with iPads) In Eighth Grade Social Studies

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