Saturday, January 19, 2013

Brydge iPad Laptop Keyboard

I recently received The Brydge Laptop Keyboard as I travel so much during the day. I always take my iPad as it has many apps in which I can demonstrate to our staff. I also like the calendar on the iPad as I can quickly create a meeting with a staff member! Carrying my Dell laptop had become a serious problem as it is not light.

I also decided that if I am going to have this keyboard, I should attempt to do everything I can on it to see if it is truly a viable option for our school district staff or students.

I blog at least two to three times a day and needed an app that would provide everything I need to create a blog post. I had purchased Blog Press a number of months ago. This is my first blog post using it!

See my review of the contents in the Brydge box.

It did take some knowledge of HTML code to post the YouTube video into this post. Just placing the code into the blog post worked. I needed to use Chrome on the iPad and change to "Request Desktop Site" to get the code.

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