Monday, September 12, 2011

Citizenship: Start With A Problem To Solve

We began our study of citizenship and the BIG question or learning target for the year:

What does it mean to be a CITIZEN of this classroom, of our school, of your home, of the Pulaski Community, of Wisconsin, of the USA, and of the world?

Two focuses for the day pertained to citizenship in their groups:
1) Being AWARE – of current events and impending consequences and of our history (personal/overall)
2) Being ACTIVE – involve yourself by communicating to others your thoughts and ideas AND by creating solutions to problems that you care about.

If students touched the toxic waste or inside the circle, they received a penalty. Loss of the use of an arm, needing to sit down only, losing the ability to move. This was a great opportunity to relate that being an ACTIVE citizen doesn't happen if we don't follow society's rules.

The beautiful thing about our "Afternoon Block" is that we have 1 hour and 40 minutes to use how we would like. This activity will be explained in the following videos. We took one hour and 5 minutes to complete it, and then students completed their "Why is this going to be the best school year ever!" five sentence paragraph into our "Daily Endeavor" newspaper template - a Google Doc of course.


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