Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Preparation

I have always been intrigued by coaches who "get to start a football program from scratch" as Bill Curry did at Georgia State.  Being a football, basketball, baseball, and track & field coach seeing coaches think of everything at the beginning with the end in mind takes great passion, time, and energy.

I am in the same situation.  I have been given the awesome responsibility to create a 21st century classroom complete with a 1:1 digital device for the 2010-2011 school year.  With a sense of serious purpose many hours will and have gone into thinking, questioning, and creating a "new" classroom.  In essence, building a program.

With that being said, some questions I have been pondering are...

1. Free apps are easy to install, with $250 and the VPP as constraints what are the PAID apps going to be?

2. What categories of apps should I focus on? Two I know I need to have are math and creativity.

3. Since this is a unique program, not many classrooms in our district will have these opportunities, what are the best methods for informing the community of our successes and struggles? Right now, iPaddiction with text is the median. In the future, video and still pictures will be included.

4. How can I find a resource to buy some furniture that will be conducive to a collaboration environment?  I am thinking that desks (which I have) plus some comfortable chairs may be a positive addition to our learning environment.

5.  Should I attempt to go completely digital?  While I can see some of this being possible, I (at this time) don't see how all Algebra work can be completed without paper.  If I can make it work, I will.
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