Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Equipment: Stands

While money is not limitless, these stand options might be a great addition to the 10 keyboard docking stations that we are thinking about implementing.  The 21st century model classroom is all about independence within a structured setting.  The addition of the choice for a stand may be something to look into.

These stands may be a nice alternative for students who don't want the iPad to be laying flat or we go with cases that don't create their own stand.  Two stands stick out to me due to practicality, endurance, and price and overall cool factor.

The DZ Dock looks rugged and simplistic with a great price of $19.99 found at Amazon.   (It also looks pretty cool!)

The Groovy Stand looks rugged (it's a piece of wood), simplistic, and the price, $11.95, looks fantastic.  Visit Groovy Stand!

Ten of these would enhance the classroom (and create a little higher cool factor) so that students would have a choice.  Eventually, I will need to decide, if the money is available, are they needed?
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